Travel is beneficial to us in at least three ways. First, by traveling we
can enjoy the beautiful scenery in different places. We will see with our own
eyes many places read of in books, and visit some famous cities and scenic

Second, we will meet people with different interests and see strange and
different things when we travel. We can get ideas of the conditions and customs
of other people, taste different foods and local flavours if we like. In this
way, we can understand how differently other people live.

Third, travel will not only help us to gain knowledge of geography and
history and other knowledge, which will arouse our deep love for our motherland,
but also will help us keep healthy and make u s less narrow-minded . Travel does
benefit us both mentally and physically .

With all these advantages of travel, it is no wonder that travel has now
become more popularthan ever in China.






Sunday Jan.17th 20_ sunny

周日Jan.17th 20 _阳光明媚

Today I together with my feriend Li Hua went out to tour around in the
mountain. It is a very beautiful place,and we liked it very much.


This Morning I and Li Hua take our baggage to the bus, After a while we
reached the mountain. There,the sunshine was very warm,and the air in the forest
was very clean. There had a lot of different flowers,trees,birds and so on. In
the noon we had a picnic on the grass,after that we lay down on the grass and
bathed in the sunshine. In the afternoon we ended the wonderful trip, and we
went our home at last. What a great day we have spend, and I think I have learnt
a lot of things. What’s more ,my feriendship became more better.


what a fine day!



Sunny 31th,July

Today was sunny and I was in a good mood.Tired of studying and a bustle of
city life,I came to ecology park to enjoy the gorgeous scenery and get relaxed
in the afternoon。


when I arrived at the park ,the first thing came into my sight were the
thick green trees,therefore,the air was fresh,in addition, i could clearly see a
path skirting along the pond。laying on the lawn which was decorated by a various
of followers and seeing the blue sky,I felt at ease because all I wanted was
some peace and quiet。All thing formed a beautiful landscape, and you couldn’t
imagine how romantic they were!


However,with the time passing so quickly,The day was dying in the west. So
I had to go back home! I would never forget such a memorable experience, which
was really beyond description!



Today, as our economy develops fast, people live a much better life than
before, they start to pay attention the chase fun. When people have holiday,
they will choose to travel, most people will give money to the organization,
while some people choose to Self-drive traveling. Self-drive traveling can save
a lot of money, people can save the money which is given to the tour guide.
What’s more, Self-drive traveling can bring people a lot of fun. People can
visit the site as long as they want, sometimes they can find the interesting
things in the small place. While the tour guide will always take people to the
commercial place. Self-drive traveling is becoming more and more popular



When I was a primary school student, my family and I took a trip to five
cities which were in the south of China.

First, we came to Nanjing by plane. That was the first time I had taken the
plane and it took us an hour and a half to get there. We arrived in Nanjing in
the morning. At 11:30 we went to a restaurant to have lunch. The food tasted
delicious. In the afternoon we went to “Zhongshanling”. It was the place that
preserve the tomb of Mr. Sugshan.

The next day, we came to Wuxi and then Suzhou where we visited the region
of rivers and lakes of “周庄”. It was a beautiful and old place. The house there
were along the river and the women always washed clothes at the bank.

The fourth day, we came to Hangzhou where We visited “The West Lake. It was
very beautiful and the water was clear . As we all know, Hangzhou is famous for
silk and tea, so we bought some beautiful silk and famous tea of “龙井”.

The last place that we visited was Shanghai. It was one of the biggest city
is China. The night view in Shanghai was more beautiful than Beijing. We visited
the TV tower of “东方明珠”. It was the third tallest tower in the world. Standing in
the tower you could see the whole city. In the evening, we lived in a hotel with
25 floors. I was very excited that evening.

This trip took us seven days and we went back to Beijing by plane. The
plane was very very big. There were three engine rooms. I felt happy and I would
never forget the trip.








i had a good time during this spring festival.thought theweather was very
cold,i still went travelling to beijing with my family.

we got there on feb.13,so we had a big dinner at the hotelon new year’s eve
with strangers over all the city.then,we watched the springfestival gala evening
that night.

the next day was the beginning of new year ,it was cold.butwe kept a happy
mind all day.because we had a chance to wangfujing street.as weknow,it is the
most famous commercial area in beijing.

so we went shopping there and bought many presents .whatwas more,i even ate
beijing duck.is was so delicious that we could not forgetit·s good taste until
we went back home.

i had a good holiday this time.







Summer comes , and the weather has become irritating. My big sister
suggested going to Hainan for a good relax. I thought about it for a while and
agreed. Hainan is really a good place, where palm trees are abundant. We went to
a park where we enjoyed cool palm drinks. We also went to visit the monkey
island. The monkeys were really cute to look at.

夏日来临,天气变得惹人心烦. 我大姐建议去海南好好放松放松. 我想了一会,同意了.海南真是个好地方,棕榈树无处不在.

After we came back from the travel, we found that our bodies have become
stronger and healthier than before. My sister told me that she planned to travel
again next year.


We really enjoyed this trip. We were very happy!



It has been deep spring now, but the weather is still comfortable.


Today is weekend, three of my friends and I went to the East Lake.


We met each other at 8:00 a.m. and then we started.


We went there by bike. It took us forty minutes to get there.


We went boating first after we got there. It was really interesting.


And then we had a picnic. We prepared some meat, vegetables, corns and
other food.


I like picnic outdoors. It makes me realxed.


We went home at about 4:00 p.m.. We had a great day today.


We decided that we will go there at the summer. At that time, we can swim
in the lake.



travel is beneficial to us in at least three ways.

first, by traveling we can enjoy the beautiful scenery in different places.
we will see with our own eyes many places read of in books, and visit some
famous cities and scenic spots.

second, we will meet people with different interests and see strange and
different things when we travel. we can get ideas of the conditions and customs
of other people, taste different foods and local flavours if we like. in this
way, we can understand how differently other people live.

third, travel will not only help us to gain knowledge of geography and
history and other knowledge, which will arouse our deeplove :for our m0therland,
but also will help us keep healthy and make us less narrow-minded. travel does
benefit us both mentally and physically.

with all these advantages of travel, it is no wonder that travel has now
become more popular than ex‘er in china.







Shanghai Disneyland has opened its gates for a six-week trial run in
preparation for its June 16 opening. Before you get too excited, the trials are
only open to Disney staff, partners, and stakeholders and their relatives and
friends – and if you’ve not had an invite by now, then we’re sorry to say you’re
probably not going to get one.


The South China Morning Post interviewed several park attendees after the
first day trial and one highlighted long queues as one of the main features of
the new park, while another mentioned that although the number of visitors were
limited, he still had to wait an hour for a ride.


‘Everybody had to queue for two hours,’ said Weibo user after a visit. ‘My
legs were almost breaking.’


‘Almost all the rides require an hour of queueing at least, but there are
fast passes that you can obtain for certain rides that are marked “fast” on the



According to estimates, a one-day visit to the resort for a family of three
will cost at least 2,600 yuan, which covers admission fees and three meals plus
shopping, while a two-day trip will require no less than 6,000 yuan in


According to the receipt from the Stargazer Grill at Tommorowland, a
hamburger or fried chicken meal with fries and coke costs 75RMB while a kid’s
meal of grilled chicken fillet and rice costs 60RMB.

依照明日世界的星露台餐厅一个收据显示, 1 份汉堡套餐75元 ,1 份炸鸡套餐75元,1 份儿童餐60元。

Street snacks located around Disneyland like caramel popcorn in a
memorabilia bucket would also set you back 65RMB.




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